Macro-Advisory is the leading independent strategic advisory and macro analytics firm operating throughout the Eurasia region. We combine macro-economic and political analysis, risk assessment and investment due-diligence to help our clients identify opportunities and to best position for future profitable growth. 

From Our Chief Executive

Dear Friends

In this very difficult time, it is clear that all of us will have to make changes in the way in which we work and how we interact with each other. At Macro-Advisory that means our team will mostly be working from home but will continue to be available via the usual email and telephone channels as well as pre-arranged video links. And as a truly local regional specialist firm, most of our team of analysts and consultants will continue to cover the region from the region.  Specifically:

  • We will maintain the steady flow of report-format updates covering macro, politics and business conditions in, or affecting, Russia and the Eurasia region. There will be no disruption to our regular report production.
  • We will issue dedicated Covid-19 update notes at least on a weekly basis. This will provide factual information about government actions and regulations and we will offer analysis of the effect on the region’s economies, industries, and businesses. 
  • Our premium engagement and retainer contract clients will continue to receive bespoke reports and briefings as agreed and our team will be available for direct consultations and briefings.
  • We will continue to expand our existing specialist industry and thematic coverage. We recently expanded our coverage of the National Projects program to help our clients stay aware of specific opportunities and challenges.  In the coming weeks we will add detailed coverage of plans for developing the renewable energy sectors and in dealing with environmental commitments and concerns. 
  • We also plan to cover the important issue of ESG and, specifically, to look at the opportunities and concerns for multi-national companies working in Russia and throughout the Eurasia region.
  • We will shortly start to post regular webinars and online client video briefings. These will cover:
    • the general macro-politics-business themes in Russia and the other Eurasia states
    • topical events and issues
    • industry specific themes

    We will issue timely notifications to all our clients of live briefings and when recordings are posted on the website 

This is a very difficult time for all. That much is clear. What will be the impact, the timeline and legacy? That bit is very far from clear. 

During the crisis period, we at Macro-Advisory will help you to understand the trends and events as they unfold, and especially what they mean for you and for your industry. We encourage you to use our resources and avail of our expertise as needed during this difficult period. We are here to work with you as your trusted advisor.

When this crisis passes, Macro-Advisory will work with you to help understand how the world may have changed and what it means for your business in Russia and Eurasia over the short, medium and longer term. 

We value all of our existing relationships and look forward to working with you through this difficult phase and especially when conditions improve. Meantime, we wish you, your families, friends and colleagues to stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards

Chris Weafer
Chief Executive Officer/General Director
Macro-Advisory Ltd/LLC
+7 916 349 2039
+44 7917 690 839
Twitter: @macro_advisory

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