Services and Solutions

Bespoke Consulting and Advisory Services

Macro-Advisory Ltd. provides a wide range of fully bespoke consulting and advisory services for investors active in our region or exposed indirectly.

Our goal is to help our clients’ global and regional management teams make informed decisions by providing commercial and timely business intelligence. These services range from one-off projects to full-service retainer-based relationships.

Recent engagements:

  • Preparing a bespoke monthly presentation deck summarising political and economic issues of concern to the client and tailored to their specific interests
  • Political mapping of key national and regional players, enterprises, and political structures relevant to the client’s business interests, identifying not only relevant decision makers but also key influencers
  • Developing localisation strategies for foreign strategic investors in the region
  • Regulatory analysis, monitoring, and mapping services
  • Providing access to key decision makers and influencers
  • Presentations providing an independent view of real political and economic risk to senior management and board members
  • Comprehensive monitoring service examining industry issues, regional or country specific politics, sectoral trends/threats, and competitor activities
  • Preparing bespoke thematic and industry presentations and projects examining sectors and segments of interest to our clients
  • Due diligence of existing or potential partners in the region, with a political risk overlay where required
  • Currency updates summarising Macro-Advisory’s view on the currencies of the region, as well as any real or potential shifts in the exchange rates
  • Regular in-person visits by both Chris Weafer and Macro-Advisory analysts to brief management and business leaders, as well as to address their questions and concerns regarding the region
  • Fully bespoke consulting services to cover individual client requirements
  • Retainer service through which we monitor areas of concern and provide regular updates on specific areas of interest